Company History
Our Snackz It! Story—The Yearly Milestones
We sincerely thank everyone for the immense support down the years! When we first started out, it was really an awesome surprise to received rave reviews as well as enthusiastic and positive responses to our food. 

In fact, within three short years of setting up our very first store, we have managed to open up many more Snackz It! outlets in Singapore.  We have also successfully brought our brand out across the boundaries of the local food circles of Singapore to introduce our tasty food to people in other countries. We are very proud to have gained footing in the highly competitive China, where we are one of the forerunners for “creative street food”.
To have come this far, it is neither by pure luck nor any secret strategy. We believe in simply giving our best and bringing our customers only the best and the tastiest food always. Great results will naturally follow, and we look forward to achieving many more milestones.
2005   The birth of Snackz It! in Singapore
2006   Steady expansion of our food menu with intensive market studies conducted to gauge customer 

2007   Received the Singapore Yellow Pages, Superior Brand Award

2008   Set up of the Snackz It! Franchise Model; official venture into Malaysia

2009   Eleven Snackz It! outlets established in Singapore and Malaysia

2010   Penetration into the Chinese market; official set up of Snackz It! Shanghai business office

2011   Received the Franchising & Licensing Association (Singapore) 2011 Most Potential Franchise,
          Runner Up Award

2012   Opening of flagship store in Shanghai

2013   Established more outlets in Shanghai; driving of further Snackz It! franchise plans in China

2014   Celebrated ten years of running the Snackz It! business
2015  Strong footing in China gained with rapid business development; further expansion plans into the 
         Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and other South East Asian countries